Mike was great at helping me develop my confidence on the road. By the far the most helpful driving instructor I have had and was always very supportive and positive. I would really recommend him to any new learner, particularly those who don’t feel confident at first! Thanks a lot Mike

Chloe Hamilton

I recently moved to the area from London and needed to pass my test asap. Im so glad I choose Mike to be my instructor, I could tell from my very first lesson I was in a good pair of hands. He managed to strike the perfect balance of pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me progress at my own pace. He knew everything I might face in the test and I could not have felt more prepared on the big day

Adam Kirkha

Hi Mike, Yeah of course. I felt very comfortable driving in the lessons and wasn’t afraid to mess up as you were very patient and didn’t get annoyed at me once. I feel I learnt a lot and am really confident to drive on my own now. I would and have recommended you to my friends as I enjoyed learning to drive with you! Although it was a little difficult fitting in lessons as I guess we were both busy at different times, however that’s really the only negative thing I can think of! Hope that’s helpful

Jemma Layden

I would strongly recommend Mike for anybody learning to drive. I was referred to Mike by my brother who spoke of him very highly and I couldn’t agree more. Despite my busy schedule Mike managed to fit me in whenever required. Not only that but Mike teaches fool proof ways to succeed unlike the techniques which my friends have been told by their other instructors, at no point would Mike lose composure no matter what you did as well as being a genuinely nice guy. Cheers Mike

Charlie Pannell

Learnt with Mike and got on really well! Extremely clear instructor who knows exactly what he’s on about and taught all the right things for the test which allowed me to pass first time! Really nice guy and approachable, makes you feel at ease in the car! Cheers mike!

Ben Roberts

It was clear from my first lesson with Mike that he was not only an excellent driver, but an exceptional teacher too. He is patient and remains calm when you make a mistake, before identifying your error in a constructive way. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Mike, you couldn’t wish for a more genuine and helpful instructor

Jordan Channon

Mike was everything I could have asked for in a driving instructor. Although I was very nervous to start with as I’d never driven before getting in a car with him, he made the whole experience very simple and comfortable. Reliable and easy going he guided me through passing my theory and practical driving tests first time. It was great getting to know him and I would recommend him to everyone wanting to chose a driving instructor

Tom Dudley

Mike was the second driving instructor I had and I am so glad that I changed to him! He massively helped with my confidence whilst driving and the progress I made with was so fast I couldn’t believe it. I was actually sad when I passed my test that my lessons with Mike would have to come to an end. I had a busy schedule but he was very flexible and did everything he could to accommodate. I couldn’t recommend Mike more strongly. Thank you so much Mike!!

Annabel Norris

After failing my first test, I opted to change instructors and chose Mikes driving school. I mentioned I needed to fast track my learning which Mike completely understood and made time for me weekly. Sure enough I passed after a couple setbacks which is all thanks to Mike who kept me motivated and continued to teach me more every lesson. A great instructor and an even better guy!

Will Smith

Thought of something along the line of – Mike made my driving experience very enjoyable and was a good laugh to learn with, made me feel comfortable and that I was capable of anything if I put my mind to it, I would highly recommend him to my friends which is what I have done!

Ed Clark

I seriously recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to learn to drive! , having spoken to friends who are learning to drive with other instructors and struggling, it’s obvious he is a fantastic instructor. So calm, patient and a very genuine person to chat to whilst learning. Making me feel comfortable and always reassured if I was to do anything right or wrong. I couldn’t have been more prepared for my test and I passed first time all thanks to mike!, He doesn’t just teach you to pass he teaches you how to drive and I can’t thank him enough. Thanks again Mike you really have been brilliant

Dave turner

Mike was very patient throughout my time with him, he was incredibly reliable and always put the pupil first. He manages to remain calm in all situations he faces sat in the passenger seat and nothing was ever of great hassle to Mike. Every lesson I was picking up something new but still managing to practice everything else I was learning. I can not thank Mike enough for allowing me to pass my driving and theory test with him and will be recommending him to friends and family. Cheers Mike.

Charlie Bowzer Davies

When I started to learn with Mike There was no holding back! He asked me when I wanted to pass and then that was the date! Every lesson my driving improved dramatically! I gained skills very quickly and without him I wouldn’t of passed my Test when I did! Can’t thank you enough Mike!

Joe Holbrook

Mike Chart is a brilliant teacher. I was very upset I didn’t have him from the beginning when I first started my lessons. However, when I was with him he was so calm and taught me little tips on how to do things which made them a lot easier (especially the manoeuvres). He took me everywhere round Launceston- even all the really tricky bits so there were no surprises on the day. When I didn’t do things very well he wouldn’t just skip past them we went back and re-did the same things while it was fresh In my mind and wouldn’t get cross he would just ask me why I did that and I thought this worked well so he could find out why I did it to be able to help me for next time. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone as he was a lovely man, very relaxed and easy to get along with

Abbie Craig

I was absolutely thrilled with the lesson I had with Mike as they were not only very useful and provided me with a greater knowledge and understanding of the road but most importantly they were very enjoyable. This is due to Mikes personality as he is a very easy guy to get along with and conversation with him is effortless. He always seems to remain very calm no matter what situation you may find yourself in which being a new driver behind the wheel really makes you feel at ease!

Rory Briers

A very enjoyable and comfortable learning experience. I was given a lot of road experience along with learning basic skills to be able to pass as well as learning about safe driving skills and how to deal with certain situations. I am now a confident but cautious driver, which is all down to Mike.

Millie Murdoch

I fully recommend mike to anyone of my friends. He makes you feel easy In the car, not under any pressure, helps you with anything. He makes it convention to you when you have lessons and makes sure you are ready for your test. He is a laid back guy he stays calm no matter how many mistakes you make and will always show you how to do something no matter how many times you ask

Fran Payne

Excellent teaching not just for passing the test but for becoming a good and safe driver all around. Would highly recommend to anybody

Ollie Woods

Mike chart is a very reliable driving instructor, as soon as you get in the car with him you always find yourself chatting away none stop making you feel comfortable. Lessons were fitted around times which are best suited to me, this made it easy to organise my lessons in advance, the lessons were very useful and helped me step by step to make me a better driver and to last my test early this year. He is a truly great instructor and will be recommending him to my close friends and family for the near future

Alec Hamden Smith

Hi Mike, I seem to have mislaid your email so here is my testimony: “I chose Mike as an instructor after failing my test several times because his prices were affordable and I simply needed a car to practice in. However what I did not expect was the quality of teaching and support that he provided. As a result, I achieved a very good pass in a very short period of time. Cheers

Emma Gardine

I used Mike Chart as my driving instructor after he was recommended to me by family and friends, he had a great track record of first time passes! i was really keen to pass as quick as i could and he was just great, really friendly and very easy to get on with. I always felt very relaxed when driving with him which ultimately helped me progress quicker with my driving. After just 28 days of driving i passed my test! I highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to pass there test first time and quickly!!

Tristan Medlicott

I found my learning to drive with you very good and I enjoyed my lessons, although you could sometimes be a bit late or change the lessons times sometimes at short notice, I have recommended you to my brother and some of my friends and other people because I you thought you were a very good instructor

Dan Gibbs

You are very good instructor for teaching driving. I feel very comfortable learning to you, I am also told friends, you are very good learn car drive and quick pass test, thanks

Mike Faisal

Really enjoyed my time with mike, he is such a great guy ! When It came to driving he was very flexible with lessons times which was great for me I cannot fault mikes instructing and I would most definitely recommend him to anyone who is after well priced, flexible and enjoyable driving lessons !!!

George Davies

Mike – a triple A star instructor who taught my son Hugo and then my daughter Chantal.  They found him to be very easy to be with, calming and a great teacher. Couldn’t have been better and very happy to recommend him.

Charles Challis